Clamp in Wonderland

Has your car ever got clamped?

Well, a few days ago mine got clamped.

Since early morning I had this feeling that something is gonna
prevent me from following my daily routine like always.


cause I parked my car somewhere at the courtyard instead of
parking at parking lot and that’s because early in the
morning there was no available parking space left :-D

Kembara Clamped at Palm Spring Damansara by Condo Security force

Clamped Kembara being unclamped at Palm Spring Damansara by Condo Security force

After meeting security people they asked me to pay a fine of
100 Rinngit Malaysia equivalent of  29 USD (at the time this is being
written) to remove the clamp.

Later I called the security chief officer and appealed to him for about
25 minutes. The guy was really tough but I’m much tougher ;-)

I told him that there are no signs I wasn’t aware of their
parking regulations and convinced him to unclamp the car
and forget about the fine.

dear reader, the clamping story is not that important what’s
important is the fact that today I lost my blogging virginity and
joined the community of bloggers.


warmest welcomes to me as the newest member of blogosphere.

talk to you soon

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3 Responses to Clamp in Wonderland

  1. martin says:

    Is that you Carlos… the one and only Shahab?

  2. Hey,

    Yeah, I can tell you must be good with the tricks of convincing security guards.

    By the way, “I blog hence I exist”. Good slogan. Then post something new to this poor blog thing. ;)

  3. Hamid says:

    You’ve always been such a tough guy.I wonder how do you manage to persuade people do what you want like that.What a persuasive tongue you got :D BTW what is your car? It looks like one of those 4X4 ones.You are such a rich boy ;)

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